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Become a moderator of portal

With registration for moderator you can contribute to the accuracy and timeliness of information on the portal. As moderator you may manage options, tariffs and mobile phones. Moderators can also initialize new operators, countries and languages. Send us an e-mail with subject "Moderator" and your name, surname and country of interest in message body to

Web portal

Web portal provides you with information about the least expensive tariff for your mobile services usage. The calculation is fast and precise, returning to you a graphical results of costs by individual mobile service (e.g. costs for calls into own network, other mobile networks, fix networks, messages SMS/MMS, data transfer etc.), as well as text results with tariff and included options configuration for each operator. First you must select a country of interest in a toolbar with flags above and then insert your average usage into a form. For some countries, inclusion of mobile phone into the calculation is also possible. Please search through the menu on the left side, to discover all functions regarding best tariff calcluation and mobile phones.

Apply for moderator, we need your help

Application which is running on portal allows us fast adding of new countries, languages, operators, mobile phones, tariffs and options. Whole web interface was created with user friendlieness and international markets in mind. No programming knowledge is required for adding content or editing site.

ModeratorIf you are well informed about mobile market in your country and interested in helping your friends and countrymen to reduce their mobile communication costs, please send us an e-mail to with a subject 'Moderator', including your name and country of interest in a message's body. Moderators can add new options and tariffs or manage existing ones, edit mobile phones features, add new countries and languages.

As a perk, the moderator gets calculation results for all tariffs available, not just for the cheapest ones. All moderator's interactions with portal were made as simple as possible and a whole new country insertion can be made just in a day or two. In case your country is missing from the list, you can add it by applying for a moderator function and send us the name of country you would like to add.

Official language for communication between moderators and admins is English. Portal is free of charge service for its visitors and all moderator functions are voluntary, without payment. Since all moderators are volunteers, there are no requests from our side to maintain their country on the site. Every moderator only works, whenever he/she has time and will to do it.

After the initial insertion of country and tariffs, there is only a small effort needed to maintain the site. That is, only when some operator changes or upgrades its offer. It takes only an hour or two per week in average to keep content relevant. However, moderator can also put more effort into the site if he/she wants, and moderate mobile phones or write articles to the front page, but this are nice to have, not essential functions of the site.

Information for mobile operators

Every operator in any country can become a moderator of its offer on the portal Procedure for getting the moderator function is the same as described above, you only add an additional information please, that you are an official representative of specific operator.

In case you represent a mobile operator and you are interested in using application, that runs on portal for your own business or marketing, you can contact us to e-mail: These are some of the advanced functions, you can use with application.

You can add data for usage manually, as well as within an Excel sheet. Manually you can add only one case, for one user, while with the Excel, there can be as much as 10.000 different lines of users and its consumption of mobile services. Same user monthly consumption can be combined in calculation, so the proposed tariff will be the best regarding their past usage through several months. Output for more than one case is given in Excel workbook.

You can combine tariffs and options for tariffs, which give you tens of thousands of combinations checked in every calculation. Even with so many combinations, a calculation is still very fast - approximately 1 to 2 seconds per one case. All tariffs are calculated with same algoritm, which reduces possibility for system errors.

Manual-form-KAM-thumbApplication is very user friendly and adaptable. Adding new option or tariff only takes a minute or two, through built in user's interface. No programming knowledge is required. Admin can add as many different accounts to application users, as necessary. Every application user (usually Key Account Manager) can insert up to 10 of his own custom offers (tariffs) into application.

Prior to calculation, a user can choose many different parameters of calculation: payment method for tariff, segment of tariffs, mobile operators, two of his own custom tariffs, mobile phone, international / roaming services, effect of calls interval, BlackBerry tariffs and discounts for selected tariffs.

Custom templates, texts and looks can be implemented. Different access and calculation rights can be given to different users or users groups. Access to site or application can be managed on IP level.

For whole market analytics, a special tool is built into application, which allows you to print out heatmaps with comparison of one operator's offer, with offers of other operators on the market. Heatmap parameters that can be set are: type of heatmap (calls/messages, calls/callmix with own network preference, calls/general callmix), upper limit for calls and messages, filters for operators / tariffs, two custom tariffs and discounts for selected tariffs.


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